Big Sonia


Sonia Warshawski, the 91-year-old subject of this inspirational and intimate documentary, is described as a diva, businesswoman, widow, and Holocaust survivor.  Her ability to connect with people of all generations is beautifully illustrated by co-director and granddaughter Leah Warshawski.  Sonia does not minimize her horrific experiences during the Holocaust.  Instead, she uses those experiences as a springboard to explain her views on forgiveness, cherishing life, discrimination, and bullying.

Her outreach to those who are struggling – whether in schools, prisons, or other settings – has become her life mission.  By the end of the film, Sonia’s big heart and motivational words will capture your heart.



Sonia was recently honored by the rock band U2 and the One Way Campaign with the “Ultraviolet Award” as a woman having a big impact on our world.  Please see the Youtube video below as U2 paid tribute to Sonia and other women at a recent concert (Sonia appears at the 6:14 mark in the video).


Hollywood Reporter Film Review


Official Website

U2 tribute to Sonia


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